Inter FC Main Sponsor – Pirelli

Professional football is a sport that requires a lot of financial investment. This is why clubs, especially larger ones, have many sponsors. Since Inter FC is one of the biggest European football clubs, it has contracts with many different companies. One of such businesses is Pirelli, a company that manufactures tyres for F1 race cars, as stated on the official website of the company, in a pageĀ about racing.

Pirelli is a company based in Milan that has been operating since 1922. Along with Bridgestone, Continental, Michelin and Goodyear, it is among the five largest tyre manufacturers in the world. During the last couple of decades, they have expanded their business to over 160 countries, which required creating a network of 10,000 retailers and distributors. They have recently been bought by ChemChina, a multinational company based in China, which has even greater plans for Pirelli.

As such a big and successful company, Pirelli has the means to finance large projects. Since their involvement in the world of sport dates back to 1907, it was only natural for them to become the sponsors of big football clubs. They have sponsored teams from all around the world, including Brazil, Uruguay, Argentina and Malta. When it comes to football, however, their primary interest has always been Inter FC. This is a team based in Milan, where the headquarters of Pirelli is located as well.

The long-standing relationship that Pirelli and Inter FC have can mostly be thanked to their successful business partnership. The Pirelli logo has been a part of Inter shirts for over a decade, and although there was some doubt about the extension of the contract after the 2014/2015 season, it seems that they will be continuing their partnership of over 20 years.

The CEO of Pirelli, Marco Tronchetti Provera, has stated that it was their cooperation that made it possible for both Pirelli and Inter to achieve what they have managed to achieve. Their strategy will now be adjusted to include countries such as China as well. This cooperation is one of the longest in the history of European football clubs and their sponsors, and it seems that it will remain successful for at least another decade.